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Is there any placement support at IPL?

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posted Mar 30, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Yes. Placements in IPL are not about placing you in jobs per se, but IPL guides and coaches you in finding the right profile in your current organization or outside of it through their Career Management Cell. We have a formal Career Management Cell (CMC) that helps alumni by connecting them to relevant jobs. Most of our alumni are working professionals and so placements have a whole new meaning. It's not about getting a job (most already have one!), but about creating a role in your current organization or finding the right one outside your organization.

Getting the job is important, but building a continuously accelerating career is more important.

Throughout the program, we also have Industry Connect sessions where senior executives and hiring managers visit the campus to meet and engage with students. This allows our cohorts to build a relevant and strong lifelong network. Unlike a junior MBA college, there are NO mass recruitment drives. Ours is more of a personalized approach to the desired opportunities, starting from the fourth semester. Senior roles are also not hired by degrees but by demonstration of skills and assets, and our job is to provide that platform to connect with the hiring managers through that context.

answer Apr 8, 2017 by Ipl Community Manager
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answer Apr 28, 2017 by Ipl Community Manager